I am an independant IT Auditor offering auditing services for IT Products & IT Services like:

  • Platform - Cloud, DC, Intranet
  • Software - ERP, CRM, HRMS, Payroll
  • Web Service - B2B, B2C
  • Games - First Person
  • Business Apps - Book Keeping
  • Mobile Apps - General Apps
  • UI/UX Design - Bootstrap / Responsive

The above list is just an example of what I have worked on so far, it does not mean that my knowledge is limited to above listed technologies, so feel free to contact me without any hesitation, I can audit your system or service and help you to make it more robut, user friendly and future ready.

I help organizations to build future safe applications, I also work as a consultant to help companies to comply with Local and International Laws specifically made for Information Technology Service Providers, you can hire me on Weekly, Monthly basis, my service charges are at par with current labour laws.

rajiv lodha - he / him

Services I offer

App Support & Maintenance

If your old developer or designer is sick or has got a new job and there is no one to provide you support for the app or service you had build, then you can hire me to provide support and update your app on a regular basis.

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Free & Open Source

You are using an Open Source application and you need help on customizing or maintaining the app or service, hire me for support, I can manage the app along with the platform on which it is deployed, both in-house and cloud.

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Build from Scratch

I love building apps from scratch, if you have thought of a service and need a programmer or coder to bring your idea into existence then feel free to contact me, I have been coding throughout my life and I would love to engineer your app into realty.

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